Mick Lizmore

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I’ve always been an active individual and involved in a lot of physical activities, but never really took the idea of full mind-and-body fitness to heart. To me, staying healthy meant playing hockey, volleyball, baseball, or curling and eating or drinking whatever I wanted without much thought. Nearing the end of my undergraduate degree, the opportunities to play so many organized sports dwindled and my eating habits did not. A year and 25 pounds later I found myself out of shape and without much direction.

Another year (and a few fortunate breaks) down the road, I found myself moving across the country away from home to pursue a graduate degree in Sport Psychology and playing on a competitive curling team. With Sarah’s urging, I discovered yoga as a way to improve my strength (in muscles I didn’t know I had!), balance, and flexibility as a great supplement to my weekly physical training routine. Perhaps more importantly, yoga became a way for me to mentally “reboot” and slow down my racing mind.

When Greg (my best friend of over two decades!) first moved out to Western Canada and talked about the idea of starting this company from the ground up, I was excited for him and amazed at how much was involved in putting something like this together. It quickly became clear to me that he and Jeremy were creating something truly unique: A company with the purpose of reminding people of what is important to them. When the opportunity arose to work together help Greg and Jeremy carry through with their inspiration, Sarah and I jumped at it.

The quote on my mat is “Let the Good Times Roll.” Aside from it being the title of a great “FloRida” song, it is my reminder to myself to not let the daily stresses of life take over and to loosen up and let go of everything for an hour of quiet.

Sarah Wilkes

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I’m not a person of many words. You might not know it if you meet me, but I do enjoy my alone time. Yoga is my weekly haven: A time and place for me to be alone and connect my mind and body through movement, mindful breathing, and a calm, focussed mind. I’ve been practicing for over 5 years now and I just love it.

The opportunity to run YourYogaMat was the result of a leap of faith (or two, or three) for me. Similar to Mick, I moved across the country (with my curling teammates) to pursue my athletic and academic aspirations in Alberta and (for various reasons) found myself staying here longer than I had expected. When Mick mentioned the possibility of being part of the YourYogaMat team and being involved in running a business, I felt like it was a perfect fit for me. I love to spend my Saturdays at the farmers market (where we sell our mats and bags) meeting new people and hearing their stories. I think the neat thing about this company is that we have the chance to contribute a small something to people’s lives.

The mantra that I have on my mat is “Inhale Belly Rise, Exhale Belly Fall.” This is something I’ve used to help me focus in on my breathing and bring together my mind and body whenever I feel my thoughts wandering.

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