A Better Customized Option

Unlike most customized mats, our mat is not painted or embroidered. Our mats are customized using a special type of vinyl that maintains the texture of the yoga mat.

This provides the user with consistent traction and grip for every movement that is performed. There is no risk of getting caught on a thread or being exposed to paint residue.

All of our mats are made from PVC foam and are people friendly free of heavy chemicals and phthalate.

A Mat to Truly Call Your Own

With over 1,000,000 combinations of fonts, layouts, and colours were confident that we can create a unique mat for every individual.

We currently offer 20 mat colours, 22 text colours, 41 font types, and 15 different layouts to choose from with new choices being added every week.

What Makes Our Mats Unique

Unlike the standard 68" yoga mat our mats are 74" in length, which makes them some of the longest yoga mats available on the market.

At 1/4" thick our mats some of the thickest mats in the industry and yet still remain relatively light at around 3.5 lbs. This provides the user with both transportability and plenty of cushion for each and every pose.

Our mats are suitable for both hot and dry yoga.

A Beautiful Arrival

To prevent damage during shipping all of our mats are rolled and securely shipped in a 28"x6"x6" corrogated box.

Each mat comes gift ready, as it is securely tied with it's own beautiful ribbon. See above for what you can expect when you open the box.

Keep Your Mat in Great Shape

The mats are designed for the practice of yoga, pilates or similar low impact exercise. We do not recommend wearing shoes as this type of abrasion will ruin both the text on the mat and the mat itself. Please, treat your mat with care and do not try to pick or rip the text off the mat.

Read our Product Care Guide, to ensure that Your Yoga Mat continues to remain in great shape.

Our Guarantee:

We are confident that you'll love your customized mat; but if this is not the case, simply send it back to us, and we'll provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

If you have any problems with your customized mat within the first year of ownership, please contact us and we will replace the mat with a brand new one.

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